Are you tired of giving up 40+ hours of your life every week, every month and every year working for someone else and helping make them rich, while you continue being broke every month, barely making enough money to put gas in your car to get back and forth to work, while still trying to put food on your family’s table? 

Perhaps you were one of the millions of Americans who put their faith in a company (the American Dream) and trusted in the fabled tale of “Job Security” after working years for a company, only to find out there wasn’t a happy ending when your job was terminated Or maybe you’re one of the educated masses that found they were overqualified for most jobs – leaving you to collect limited unemployment. 

These are hours and years of your life that you gave to someone else.  Time that you spent away from your family, your children, your loved ones.  Moments of your life ripped away where you could be doing something you enjoy. This is time that you will NEVER get back, but . . . .

. . .  It’s not too late to get your life back and make the money you desire and deserve, without slaving away week after week making someone else rich.  

If you’re tired of working countless hours for someone else, allowing them to be in control of your life and your income.  If you’re serious about taking back control of your life, how many hours you work, and how much you make every week, then Keep Reading This page, because in front of you is a Legitimate, Honest, Work from home opportunity where you’re in control – not someone else.   

If you’ve spent any time on the internet looking for a way to make money or supplement your income, then you’ve probably seen that the internet is flooded with hundreds, even thousands of so-called work at home opportunities promising to make you rich overnight.  It seems hundreds more are popping up every day with no end in sight. 

It’s very hard to tell which of these countless opportunities are legitimate, honest and a great way to make money.

Most of these fictitious opportunities are nothing more than a snake oil sales person trying to scam you and steal your hard earned money.   

Many of these companies require. . .

. . . A Huge Upfront Investment that requires you to break open the kid’s piggy banks to invest thousands of dollars of your hard earned money to buy into the opportunity

Or . . . 

. . . You to Buy Hundreds of dollars worth of useless products that will sit in your garage collecting dust – products that you can’t even give away.

Or. . .

. . .You have to try to sign up everyone you know to help you sell the latest diet pill or juice, turning you into the person no one wants to talk to at the family’s Christmas party because everyone’s afraid you’ll try to pitch them on your latest venture.   

– Trust me, you don’t want to be that guy / girl!

 With so many “So Called Money Making Opportunities” out there, how do you tell which ones are legitimate and which ones are actually honest & great way to make money? 

The answer is simple . . .

You want to look for an opportunity that is established by a credible and reputable company (Not a fly-by-night operation); you want to look for one that has a low investment with Huge Profit Potential, an opportunity with no monthly fees or additional products to buy.  You want to look for an opportunity that offers recession proof products and services with very little or no competition. 

So where do you find such an opportunity without having to spend countless hours diving into the deep abyss of the internet?

You don’t have to look any further; you found it, right here, right now…

You don’t have to waste hours of valuable time trying to weed through the thousands of junk business opportunities online, because in front of you is a Legitimate, Honest, and Recession-Proof work at home opportunity.

An opportunity  that has been online for over 5 years and has helped countless individuals earn a substantial income by showing them how to help their friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers and others slash their credit card payments in half, eliminate credit card debts in as little as 12-24 months for mere pennies on the dollar.

An opportunity that allows you to work for yourself from the comfort of your own home and on your own time and leisure.  One that allows you to “Be In Control Of Your Own Life”, making yourself rich instead of slaving your life away to make someone else rich. 

The opportunity I am talking about is the opportunity for you to be involved with the #1 growing industry, debt negotiation. 



My name is Jason Oswald and I’m the personal owner of a debt negotiation company called National Debt Consultants, Inc. (NDC), and I want to personally thank you for visiting this website. 

National Debt Consultants, Inc. has been in business for over 12 years helping financially struggling, debt ridden consumers and businesses eliminate their credit card and unsecured debts for a fraction of what they owe while saving them thousands off their debts through a process called debt negotiation. 

I started a debt negotiation business out of necessity because I was flat broke and I was drowning in over $60,000 of credit card debts and unpaid bills.  My family’s home was going into foreclosure and our vehicles were about to get repossessed and I didn’t know what to do.  I wasn’t a dead beat or a slacker, something dramatic changed in my life overnight.   

The moment everything changed. . .

Back in 2000, my mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and was only given 6 months to live. I took time off work for the last few months she had to live.

Taking the time off took a toll on my finances… I burned through all my savings accounts, investments, and everything else.

I dug a $60,000 hole for myself.

I was receiving dozens of collection calls every week. They didn’t care to hear about my dying mother or my reason for delinquency. All they wanted was their money.   More about how I got out of that mess in a minute.

Here’s the kicker … At the time, I was working as a debt collector myself, and so I knew exactly what I was dealing with … I knew what they could and couldn’t do and say to me. They tried to scare me and manipulate me, but it didn’t work.

After dealing with that nightmare, I decided to help others get through the same ordeal I did.

Long story short: In 2001, I started my own debt negotiation / settlement service and National Debt Consultants Inc. was born.

Over the past 16 years I‘ve personally helped thousands eliminate their credit card debts while helping consumers save millions of dollars in the process…

Every year the number of consumers who need help continues to grow.  Today, “Millions of Consumers NEED Help With Their Debts”, but there’s not enough people to help them. 

I’ve built a successful and lucrative debt negotiation business and have helped start over 100 debt negotiation businesses helping others make money.    

I’d like to do the same for you.

Here’s how…

I’ve taken my 16 years of insider knowledge of the collection & debt settlement industry and created the ultimate easy-to-follow, step-by-step system that shows you how to start your own debt negotiation business and Earn Thousands by easily negotiating and settling consumer’s debts for pennies on the dollar.

If you’ve been searching for an honest, legitimate, “Recession-Proof”, work-from-home business that is easy to start and allows you to quickly start earning thousands every month within a few short weeks.  A turnkey business that will help you make great money each and every month so you can pay off some debts, better your life and your family’s life. 

Starting your own debt negotiation business is the key . . .

So, What is Debt Negotiation? 

Besides being one of the easiest and quickest ways to make a ton of money, Debt Negotiation is the process of negotiating a reduced pay-off (a.k.a. settlement) on a credit card and other unsecured debts.  Debt negotiation goes by many names, such as debt arbitration, debt settlement, debt mediation, etc., but they are all the same.

It is considered the #1 Bankruptcy Alternative & the #1 Solution to quickly eliminate credit card debts while saving individuals (YOUR Clients) thousands of dollars off of their debts and helping them become debt free in a matter of months, not years.

Remember, how I said “Millions are in Debt”?

Many of these “Individuals are willing to pay you thousands of dollars to help them Get Out of Debt, especially if you can SAVE them thousands of dollars off their debts.

There are literally “Trillions Of Dollars Of Delinquent Debts” that consumers and business owners owe that You Can Negotiate for pennies on the dollar; potentially generating thousands of dollars in fees for you based on how much you save your clients. 

Let’s take a look at a couple of . . .

Example 1:  Single Debt

Here is a perfect example of debt negotiation in action. Let’s say a client has a credit card debt of $10,000 and uses your debt negotiation service.

As a professional debt negotiator (don’t worry we’ll show you how), you make a simple call that takes about 10 short minutes of your time and you’re able to successfully negotiate a settlement for the amount of $3,000, saving your client $7,000 off their debt.

If you charge your client 25% of the savings (which we cover in the program), you would Earn $1,750 – Not a bad pay day for only a 10 minute call. 

Of course, this example was only one debt; most consumers have multiple debts and owe a lot more than $10K.  In fact, the average household has approximately $38K in credit card debt. 

Example 2:  Multiple Debts

The average household has approximately $38K in credit card debts, so let’s take a look at an example using this figure.

Total Debt:                         $38,000
Settlement Amount:            $19,000 (50%)
Your Client’s Savings:        $19,000
Your Fee:                          $4,750 (25% of Savings)

Now imagine if this client had $50K or even a $100k worth of debt.  The more debt your clients have, the more money you make.  These examples are on the low end of the extreme earning potential that owning a debt negotiation business offers.  You could easily earn a lot more money than this. 

Think about the money-making potential of having 10, 30, 50+ cash paying clients.  You could easily be pulling in a 6 figure income.  This is the true cash generating power owning your own debt negotiation business offers.      

These numbers are Very Real, and this is a “Real Opportunity, with Real Money Making Potential!”

Remember that $67,000 hole I dug myself into? I was able to negotiate and pay off that huge debt in less than 12 months for only $17,000.


Hopefully you see the profit potential so far, because it gets even better because there are several different ways to make money helping consumers.  In the program we show you several different ways to legally earn up-front fees, monthly fees, and residual fees even with the recent FTC changes and regulations.  In addition we show you how to offer other debt relief programs and services to make even more money helping consumers.    

Take a look at what some of happy customers have to say.

I wanted to write to you and let you know that Debt Settlement is one of the easiest and quickest ways to make money that I have ever found.  I’ve invested a lot in different businesses over the year and I hit the jackpot with your opportunity.  You weren’t kidding when you talked about unlimited leads.  Everyone is coming to me for help with their debts, which means money in my pocket.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge and helping me start my own debt settlement service.   Dean, Colorado

Jason, I just settled a $22,346.03 debt for one of my clients for only $11,173.00, saving her $11,173.03 and I just made $2,793 with one simple call using one the information in your program. Needless to say, I’m no longer a skeptic and extremely excited and this is only one of her debts.  Thanks for such a great opportunity and your support.  Mary, Florida


This program will show you: 

  • Inside look at the debt negotiation industry, how and why it works, as well as the A to Z guide to setting up and running your own successful debt negotiation business.
  • How to quickly register and set up your own debt negotiation business in less than 1 Hour, so you can “Immediately Start Making Money!”
  • How to run, operate, and build a successful debt negotiation business and turn it into a “Six Figure Income Cash-Generating Machine.”
  • How to “Easily Generate Unlimited Leads” for your debt negotiation business using FREE resources!
  • How to negotiate settlements as low as 10-20% of what your client owes, saving your clients a ton of money and “Making Your Income Skyrocket!”
  • Much more. . .

-These manuals are jam packed with money-making information that will show you how to quickly and properly set up your own debt negotiation business, generate multiple clients using various free resources, and how to successfully negotiate your client’s debts for pennies on the dollar – earning you huge fees. There are over 250 pages filled with insightful information that will teach you how to Earn Thousands of Dollars Every Week negotiating consumer and business debts. 

Debt Negotiation Business Manual 1:  “Business Set Up & Prospecting”

– Everything You Need to Know to Set Up Your Business & Generate Clients!
Fourteen  Chapter Manual takes you through everything you need to set up a successful Debt Negotiation business. Learn how to set up your business, how to pick a professional name, how to locate clients using multiple resources and how to work with your clients, much more. *Over 100 Pages ($495 Value)


Debt Negotiation Business Manual 2: “Negotiating Delinquent Debts”

– Everything You Need to Know to Successfully Work with your clients & Negotiate Debts! Eighteen Chapters takes you through everything you need to know about the credit, collection and debt negotiation industry as well as how to work with your clients and successfully negotiate their debts – “Earning You Thousands” *Over 300 Pages ($495 Value )


Your business program is jam packed with money making information and to top it off, we include 5 Audio Training CD’s that contains close to 10 hours of debt negotiation training recordings that will give you and in depth look at the Credit, Collection & Debt Negotiation Industry and will show you How to quickly and easily set up your business and how to successfully negotiate consumer and business debt like a professional, so you can Start Making Money Right Away!  

Easily listen to these information packed CDs while driving or while relaxing at home.    Audio CD’s covers additional information about the business manuals and so much more.  ($495 Value)

In addition to the Business Manuals & Audio CD’s you’ll also receive:

Advertising & Marketing Guide:

This Guide will show you how to advertise and market your debt negotiation business for FREE, using various free resources online and offline to generate clients to use your debt negotiation services. This guide reveals proven methods and strategies to help you make money in your business. ($195 Value)

Forms & Marketing Material C.D.

Your Debt Negotiation Business Program contains a valuable C.D. with all the necessary Business Forms, Agreements, Software Programs & Marketing Information that you will ever need to start, own and operate your own successful Money Making Debt Negotiation Business.

CD includes marketing examples and templates that will help you advertise your debt negotiation business online and offline using various free resources that are proven to generate clients for your business.  ($295 Value)

Easy To Use – “Debt Negotiation Scripts”

Don’t worry about not knowing what to say to your client’s creditors or debt collectors; we’ve got you covered.  Included with this money making program are scripts that will show you “What to Say & What Not to Say” to creditors and debt collectors and how to handle their various objections. These scripts are so powerful, they will make debt collectors think you’re a professional debt negotiator right out of the gate.

25 Debt Elimination Letters

Included with this program are some of the most powerful debt elimination letters available.  These letters can be used during every stage of negotiating debts and are guaranteed to help you save your client’s money and help you make money. 

These letters alone have been proven time and time again to save consumers thousands of dollars off their debts and can help you do the same for your clients.

Once you have received your business program and studied the easy to follow material, simply contact our office and we will provide you with information about our Debt Negotiator Certification program for business members.  As part of your investment we provide you with a certification program that helps you establish your business and credibility.  Once you pass our certification program, you will receive a certificate showing that you are a certified debt negotiator and will be allowed to use our certified logo on your website and marketing materials.  ($295 Value)

3 Months of Unlimited Support

I want to help ensure that you get your debt negotiation business up and running as quickly as possible and to help make sure you are successful from the beginning.  This is why we provide you with 3 months of unlimited support to help you get your business up and running as quickly as possible.  My team and I are here to answer any questions you may have and to help you get your business started as quickly as possible.
($95 Monthly Value = $285)


  • How to successfully negotiate and eliminate your client’s credit card debts in as little as 12-24 short months.
  • Learn the Art of Debt Negotiation and How & Why it works and can make you a ton of money.
  • How To Quickly Make Money Helping Consumers Become Debt FREE –
    Even when they can’t afford their current debts.
  • Inside look at the credit and collection industry and how they work – this information is essential in helping your clients and your debt negotiation business.
  • How to structure your fees to give you a competitive advantage and easily make thousands every month.
  • How to Legally earn “Up Front” fees without violating the New FTC changes and regulations.
  • How to successfully “Negotiate Business & Consumer Debts” for pennies on the dollar – Earning You Thousands Per Client!
  • “How to Get A Flood of Referrals” by networking with various companies and organizations.
  • Learn What to Say and What Not to Say to potential clients to close more deals. (Scripts Provided)
  • How to obtain Free Credit Reports for your clients and how to easily read them.
  • How to work with your clients to improve client retention and help ensure they are happy “Paying” customers.
  • “27 Must Know Rules Of Engagement” to successfully negotiate and settle consumer and business unsecured debts.
  • “How to Negotiate Rock Bottom Settlements” as low as 10-20% of what your client owes, saving your clients the most money while skyrocketing your income.
  • Inside look at the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act (FDCPA) and how to use it to your advantage and to help protect your client’s rights and improve your negotiations.
  • How to successfully negotiate with creditors, collection agencies, debt purchasers, and collection attorneys like a professional.
  • How to earn thousands of dollars for only a few minutes on the telephone.
  • What settlement amounts and percentages you can expect to offer and the difference between a poor and great settlements.  (Debt settlement offer chart included)
  • How to handle debt collector’s objection, rejections and responses and turn them into your ally.
  • Scripts and example debt negotiation calls that will show you exactly what you should say to debt collectors, collection attorneys, and debt purchasers to maximize your negotiations.
  • How to properly finalize settlements and protect your clients and ensure you get paid.
  • Much More…


In Addition, you’ll also receive the following. . .


“How to Build Your Debt Negotiation Empire with Independent Associates!” Once you have your debt negotiation business up and running and working with client’s you may decide you want to Expand Your Debt Negotiation business to make even more money. This bonus will help you “Grow Your Debt Negotiation Business” with the help of outside associates. The associate program will show you how to build a team of associates in your local area or across the country. Imagine having a team of associates who constantly refer clients to you for debt negotiation -“Making You Even More Money” ($295.00 Value)



This powerful software program will save you time and money.  Whether you have a handful of clients or hundreds of clients you can easily manage all of your clients and their multiple creditors all from this user-friendly software program.  DebtBase was designed specifically to help you easily run your debt negotiation business.  You won’t have to worry about investing in a expensive software program to run your debt negotiation business or manage your clients and their creditors.  This program is included as a special bonus to your investment.  ($995 Value)

You have to realize that this collection of inside business knowledge and experience, as well as the money making techniques and information could easily sell for thousands of dollars.  In fact, this program has a estimated value of over $3,000. 

But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that amount or even my regular consultation fee.  In fact:


Well, it’s really quite simple. I want to help as many consumers as possible with their debts and by helping you start your own debt negotiation business, I’m helping consumers and helping you make money . . .So we both win! 

With the Right knowledge, information and tools to help you, anyone can run a successful cash-generating debt negotiation business.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never owned a business before, never dealt with a creditor or a debt collector in your life and never negotiated anything – ever.  It doesn’t matter what your background is, whether you are a stay at home mom/dad who is looking for a work at home opportunity to make some money or a college degree working individual who is looking to supplement or add to your current income. 

Our Debt Negotiation Business Program provides you with you need to own and operate your own profitable debt negotiation business and with our support, you’ll be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.  We’re here to help you.

How many people do you know that have debt who are struggling financially and having a hard time dealing with their debts?  These are all potential clients that can use the help of your debt negotiation service and will pay you generously for your help, especially when they can save a ton of money off their credit card debts with your help.  It’s like having a pot of gold buried in your back yard.   

If you’re looking forward to a richer, fuller, financially secure future, there’s no better time than now to get started. 

And you can take the first step toward that more rewarding life and a financially successful future by ordering a copy of Debt Negotiation Business Program right now.


I’ve already done all the testing, trial and errors and have run a Successful & Lucrative debt negotiation business for almost 12 years and I’d love to share my wealth of knowledge and information and help you do the same.  All you have to do is make the easy decision to invest in your future and get started in the Untapped Trillion Dollar Debt Negotiation industry Today! 

If you have any questions about this powerful money making business program and how you can make money, please contact me toll free at 888-883-3287

Here’s to unlocking your financial future, 


Don’t let procrastination, hesitation or fear stop you from improving your life and becoming debt-free. You have nothing to lose, but your cash draining debts.  Do yourself a favor and order the program today and start earning the income you deserve.

P.P.S. This program is a physical product, you will receive the debt negotiation business program within 7-10 business days of placing your order.


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